About Us

Centre for National Olympiad is an Organization popularizing arts through competitions and assisting development of creative skills among school children.

Centre for National Olympiad was formulated and established by leading academicians, artists and media personalities with the aim of promoting Arts. CNO has been striving for close to 5 years to promote artistic attitude and temperament through art competitions that involve school students across the India.

Centre for National Olympiad – Young Artist Programme

Catering to one of the expectations from school education is to enhance artistic knowledge base of the students.

Participation in art competitions is trend in today’s scenario wherein testing your creative quotient helps us to establish a scale on our learning graph so that we can further improvise and build on this further.

The Centre for National Olympiad lies on a believe that arts include all sort of creative expression.  Drawing and Colouring are valid expressions of thought. Without a creative outlet, humans become resentful and irritable.

Arts provide real beauty to our world- without beauty, there is no pleasure- without pleasure, there is only discontent and anger, people need beautiful things to look at, experience, and enjoy.

CNO brings in the platform to discover drawing and colouring talents, many students don’t find their niche or the thing they are best at in life unless given the opportunity to explore with colouring /drawing or through some recognition, as we need artists in our world, and they need to know their talents.

CNO’s integrity and commitment towards the fulfillment of its objectives have been lauded by the team of thousands of schooling institutions spread across the India and thousands of students who have directly benefited from its competitions and programs. For the future, CNO has several more creative competitions lined up, which promise to bring about a sea change in the approach to arts and creative knowledge.

Over the last few years CNO has evolved and strengthened into an asset of immense potential. Children are the hope of the future and we are happy to see that this program is attaining great heights and we are able to reach out even to the remotest parts of the country. Our Competitions has made a place for itself in the academic calendar of the schools. A model is being created through this competition to bring in awareness about arts through the involvement of youth. This model will be capable of replication in other geographical areas. The ultimate goal is to Colour the world through your heart.