Colouring Competition

Class I to X
  • Competition Details

    Our school competition is conducted in 4 groups
  • Colouring Competition

    • Each group will get printed (Photocopied) picture for colouring.
    • Any type of colour or pencil can be used.
    • Minimum 50 participants are mandatory to conduct this competition.
    • Each Sheet to have the following details mentioned clearly:
      1) Name of Student
      2) Std & Group
      3) Name of School
      4) Address of School
      5) Mobile number of Parent/Guardians
    • Students will be divided in Four types of Groups:
      GROUP A - K.G., Std. I & Std. II
      GROUP B - Std. III & Std. IV
      GROUP C - Std. V to Std. VII
      GROUP D - Std. VIII to Std. X
    • Kindly contact for fees and more information
  • Drawing for Students Development

    CNO Colouring completion is important educational tools to prepare the students for creative world. It is also one of the most favourite activity of the kids now presented as competition. It sparks their imagination and gives them an opportunity to express themselves and also win recognition and prizes.
    Participate your students for National Level CNO colouring competition
    • Hand and Eye Coordination
      Colouring diagrams require your students to colour within the specified area. This helps to develop the hand and eye coordination in kids. It also fights cognitive loss, especially if you choose challenging and difficult drawing sheets.
    • Focus

      It has been proven that students who practice colouring have better concentrations and focus skills. As your child grows older, he also learns the importance of boundaries in the colouring worksheets for kids.

    • Motor Skill

      The act of Colouring improves motor skills of students. The motions involved like holding the tools and scribbling with crayon can help in the development of the tiny muscles in his wrist, fingers & hands.

    • Colour Recognition

      An opportunity to explore the different colour combinations, It also teaches students about lesser known colours. Students who learn early about colour wheel have an easier time understanding the makeup and mixing of colours.

    • Self-Expression

      You can tell a lot about a person by the colours he uses and the image he draws. If a child draws sun, hearts and other cheerful objects then he may be expressing content and satisfaction.

    • Stimulates Creativity

      Colouring gives your students an opportunity to express their creative side. It allows student to think about the different colour combinations that he or she can use to give an appealing look.

    • I want to express my most heartfelt thanks to the entire CNO Team for assessing the talent of our students. Sincerely believe that every child has a gift to be discovered and encouraged.

      Fr. Lijo Paul
      Christ Academy CBSE School, Bengaluru
    • CNO has helped many children to bring their drawings at the national level. It is one of the happiest moment to see the drawing and our kids being recognised for the best performance

      Mr. R. C. Shrivastava
      Khelgaon Public School
    • Thank you so much for giving my daughter a great opportunity to show her artistic side and it was indeed a great pleasure to be part of CNO Competition. I will surely send the picture of my daughter with her certificate soon.

      Mrs Preeti Roy
    • Thank you very much for the award. My son was thrilled with the certificate. Draws with lots of love and enjoys drawing.

      Mrs. Preeti Chabda
  • Questions and Answers
    Why should our school participate?

    A contest is a great motivator for your students. When students know they are creating art for a national level contest with the possibility of being awarded and recognized, students will often make an extra effort to do the best job possible. Students will be proud to display their work and school will earn a recognition on national level.

    How does the contest work?
    My school is not entering the contest, can I enter alone?

    No, you cannot, registrations are accepted through schools only. It is the nature of competition.

    Is there a lot of extra work for our school?

    No. All you need to do is provide us the entries of your students as per guidelines.

    How many entries must a school have to participate?

    A school can have as few as 50 entries or as many as several hundred entries.

    What are the judges looking for?

    The judges are looking for good art based on the theme and following the rules provided, among all the best once will awarded and recognized.

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